Thursday, January 5, 2012

Short as fuuuuu-

"Now, little thing right there looks like ancient Hypermothian in origin" Kolt said as Johnathan fingered the tiny coin, "Its worth quite the small fortune I'd imagine"

Johnathan looked up at Kolt and a small smile formed on his face, "Dont give me that bullshit Kolt, you know that I know when you're lying right?"

Kolt tried to keep a straight face, but eventually burst out into laughter, crying out "I'll never be able to keep a straight face looking at you!"

"Maybe one day you can trick me by telling the truth" said Johnathan as he burst into laughter too.

"Maybe John, just maybe!" said Kolt, "But we should pack up before anyone sees"

"You're right" said Johnathan as he moved the body of a middle aged man into a slumped position, "Maybe they'll think he's just passed out"

"Well let's go and hit another one before the sun comes up" said Kolt, as they both made off from the alleyway.