Sunday, November 25, 2012

Infinite Looper

"What I am going to tell you may confuse you, but I am a Looper. No, not like the movie, I don't travel time to kill people. I, for all extent and purposes, repeat my life after I die. I do not know why, but when I die I instantly wake up on December 5th, 1995. I'm eight years old again, in my room with an SNES, walls covered in baseball posters, and my parents are still alive.

I've thought about writing a Nostradamus-like prediction book, but I've noticed that small variations do happen. For example, that terrible show "Glee" was called "Gleeks" and The Avengers didn't come out until 2013. The thing is though, most of the big events still happen at the same time. 9/11 happens accordingly, War on Terror goes the same, Saddam is killed, stuff like that.

Now, I can kinda see how you may think this is a blessing, being able to do things with no permanent consequences, but it's really not. I've had famalies before, but they all fucking disappear the second I die and then I wake up on December 5th. This is my 4th "life" and I'm going insane. I don't dare drastically change things or do random stupid shit because what if this time I die and don't come back? What if this time all of my actions have a REAL consequence? If there is a hell, I'm living it"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Beginning

The explorer bent down towards the river.

"The rivers current is slower than usual" he said as he stuck his hand into the sandy bottomed river.

A large man clad in dark drab hung over him and spoke plainly "The river is dying, as is this world"

The man by the river swung his head around and looked at the large figure over him and said "How do you know the world is dying?"

The large man's voice ominiously boomed "I have lived for hundreds of years, I am eternally tied to this world"

The explorer stood up, and saw how he was dwarfed by the dark figure. He looked up to him and spoke softly, "Then why is the world dying?"

The man grabbed the small explorer and threw him into the river, bent over, and dipped his fingers into the murky water. He spoke plainly as the explorer swam up to catch his breath from the river, "I grow cynical with my eternal life, it is a curse to me. Thus, I am killing this world."

After his final words were spoken, the river turned black and various fish began floating to the surface.

The large man's voice boomed as he raised up from the river, "This is only the beginning"