Sunday, July 31, 2011

Runescape and Clan Citadels...


Its a massive grindfest and you'll hate it.

I wasnt even hyped up for this, cause I knew it would suck.

Don't really want to go into the reasons, cause if you've been there then you know that it blows (So far)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Re-watched "Gamer" last night

Let me tell you, I remember being extremely hyped up for that movie. From the trailer it looked like a kick-ass shoot-em up that reminded me of Cawwadooty. The action sequences were pretty damn cool to say the least, and I loved how well the piano playing went during the second battle. But sadly, like most other movies, the plot got in the way. It ended up being a catastrophic attempt by a group of rogue computer hackers to stop Ken Castle. Honestly, I would've liked a more solo movie, where the kid who's controlling Kable sees how wrong it is to play, but he keeps going to free Kable, and where Kable has to do unspeakable things to get released. With all the rage that had built up in Kable from fighting, and killing, all of those people, he would beat the living shit out of Ken Castle. Boom. Credits roll. And you just got an Action movie that didnt need a storyline.

But of course, Hollywood ruined the movie for me. Oh well, maybe I shouldnt get so hyped up! Its enjoyable to watch, I admit, but I always wanted MORE.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I saw Transformers : The Dark of the Moon today

And it was amazing. Visually it was a masterpiece. So much chaos and destruction, and it all looks great. The only thing I could've wanted more was a version where the bad guys won. I love downer endings yo.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The anticipation of the new season of "The Walking Dead" is killing me

Now, I know October isnt for another few months, but damn do they have me excited for the new season of the zombie TV show "The Walking Dead". I cannot wait for the 2nd season which has 7 (SEVEN) more episodes than the 1st season. I also found out recently that Daryl is played by none other than Norman Reedus, who played in the cult classic "The Boondock Saints" (I watch that damn movie at least once a week, I shit you not). The first season consisted of getting to know the survivors, and having a few (read: many) die off in a matter of minutes, which is exactly how a zombie show should go; people being eaten by zombies. The killing of actually likable characters also makes the experience more real, in a sense that you're like "WHAT THE HELL, WHY HER/HIM/IT!" and not a "Well, stuntman #14 is dead". I pretty much enjoyed every single episode, and I'll probably pick up the 1st season up from someplace later this month. So with that, don't die before season 2 comes out, and if you do, at least become a zombie so you can watch it ;D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Just watched "The Human Centipede"

It kinda sucked. I enjoyed watching Mortal Kombat (1995 one, awesome movie for a nostalgia bomb) much more than this steaming pile of trash. Oh well, was pretty funny to watch with a friend.


You should probably (as in you should) give these guys a listen

Boom. Found them a week or so ago, and I love their shit. "Alarm the Alarm" is probably one of my favorite songs by them, its just orgasms to my ears. They're more metal-ly and have harsh vocals, but when they go acoustic or use clean vocals they still sound great. At least check em out, and oh, one more thing, THIS AINT VIRAL.


Super 8 Review

I thought it was an excellent movie, mainly because of how not only is it a giant monster movie, but it also shows how the kids changed since the train crash (it was in the trailer, so its not a spoiler). Personally, I love JJ Abrams' shit, and gobbled this right up. I'll go more in depth in a second (with spoilers), after I rate the movie.



Okay, I did like the movie alot, but there were a few flaws in it. First off, the trainwreck. The man drove HEADFIRST INTO A TRAIN, and only half of his car was smashed? AND he was still able to talk? AND he survived that shit? Either that guy is superhuman (and not just telepathically able to communicate with the monster) or they really had no way of telling the kids why their teacher drove his car into a train. Next, the monster and its powers. If the monster could deflect missles shot from tanks and pretty much distort all radio, how did they contain it? Its just one of those fride-moments where you think back and say "Hey wait a second! How did that happen!?". Other than those few flaws (That I can remember) I thought the acting was good, and the plot was rock solid. I hope they continue making movies like this instead of shit like "Just Friends" I swear there's a new "Sex buddy turned lover" movie out every damn month.

Those New TF2 Weapons (As of 7/22/2011)

Now, I clicked on Team Fortress 2 this morning, and what do I see? ANOTHER update for the damn Soldier. Its like the guys at Valve only play the Soldier, while neglecting most other classes (Engineer and Pyro). Pyro honestly should have had the update, because, quite frankly, he hasnt had dick for content in months. He has a new weapon called "The Maul" which can remove sappers, which is cool as hell really, but as for a primary weapon, he is left with only 2 options, the Degreaser (Which blows) and the Back Burner (Which is awesome), while the Soldier has about...5 options for a primary. (Black Box, Direct Hit, Liberty Launcher, Cow Mangler 5000, and something else that I cant think of right now) So while the Soldier is pretty much set for a long time on items, the Engineer is MIA for content, and the Pyro gets one melee weapon.