Thursday, September 29, 2011

"A long road ahead"

He raised his rifle at the woman and yelled "Halt! Or I'll shoot!"

The woman just kept walking along towards the convoy, moving to get out of the way of the blackish debris that littered the side of the road. She was wearing a a holed-up t-shirt and some denim jeans with one hand behind her back. The lead car grinded to a halt as the woman kept coming closer.

"If you do not stop, I will fucking blow you away ma'am!" he yelled from bed of a pickup truck.

The woman kept walking towards the front car, swaying from side to side, still moving around torn pieces of melted metal and bits of broken down cars that laid on the side of the road.

"Final warning! Stop and let us pass or I WILL kill you!"

The woman was advancing at a slightly increased pace now, slightly under a jog.

"God damnit" said the man as he flipped the safety off, "Why isnt anyone human anymore?"

He looked down his sights and popped off 3 shots in rapid succession, 2 hitting the woman, and the last missing her because she was falling down.

She rolled down before trying to get back up again, and the man put 2 right in her back as she tried stepping up. She fell again, but this time she remained down.

"I hate doing that..." said the man as he flicked the switch back to safety.

"She's down" he radioed in to the lead car.

"Gotcha, moving on up" said the front car's driver.

The front car started moving again, and the man sat down in the bed of the pickup.

"Another one?" said the old man in the bed of the truck.
"Yup, a woman this time too" said the rifleman.
"More and more each day it seems"
"Yeah, and I'm the one forced to pull the trigger"
"Its for the survival of us!"
"But they're people too!"
"They WERE people! They're infected now! The only way for us to survive is to make it to Whiteicon then we're doomed!"
"What if Whiteicon is already razed? Then what?"
"Do not talk of such things! Whiteicon is still operating!"

The man looked out into the vast wastes and muttered to himself "Whiteicon better be up, or else we're done for"

Do you guys like this premise for a story? It seems like I could continue it somehow :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Well, it's all over now"

Chris was ducking and diving between houses and sheds, trying to stay hidden. He'd been traveling for several days, and just barely made it into the suburbs of Columbus. Chris had to move slowly, but at the same time he couldn't barricade himself in a house for more than a day or so, or else he'd get cornered.

He'd cautiously peek out from behind garage doors when he couldn't hear anything, but that was rare. Silence was rare. He'd always hear the shuffling feet or the grotesque moans of agony from the creatures in the streets. He called them "creatures" because that's what they were, mindless monsters, no longer human in any way besides looks, and even that was a long shot. He'd usually have to distract them with loud noises of some kind, which is why he carried a set of tiny wrenches with him. Small wrenches make a lot of noise hitting concrete streets.

All he really carried were those wrenches, a ton of canned food, a pistol with one clip, and a nice big red wrench for hitting stuff. He actually adapted well to the world he was living in now, surrounded by dull husks who's only need in life was to feed, which actually sort of delighted Chris, seeing himself as the sole survivor of humanity's purger, a living legend.

Of course, no one was around to see Chris' life, but he didn't mind, he liked the noise, yet silence of the things that were in every home, sewer, and street.

He peek out from behind a fence to look into the backyard, "Sweet, nothing in here" he thought to himself as he hopped the fence.

He went up to the back door and peeked in, he saw a figure bobbing about in the kitchen.

"Hopefully that's the only one" he thought to himself as he readied his wrench and opened the back door. He tried to make the least amount of noise as possible as he snuck up on his helpless victim, who appeared to be a middle aged woman. He held the wrench like a baseball bat and gave one mighty swing, hitting the thing in its head. The blow gave out a satisfying crunch as the figure went sailing to the ground motionless. Chris started walking past it when it grabbed his leg. He quickly let his wrench fly into the creature's head again, and again, and again.

"Fucking hate when they touch me" said Chris to himself.

Chris heard banging on the front door, and the side door, and on the windows. He panicked and ran upstairs, locking himself in a room and putting a dresser up against the door to keep it from breaking.

"I made way too much noise..." he whispered to himself as he pulled out his pistol.

He heard the thump of feet going up the stairs at this point, which procedded to go into every room but his.

Then he heard it.

Creepily, he heard a faint moan from the opposite side of the door, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeee", which was followed by loud bangs on the door.

Impuslively he fired a few shots into the door, maybe getting a zombie or two before he realized that he needed that last bullet for himself.

Before he put the gun up to his head he looked out the window, which faced the front of the house, and was horrified as he saw troves of zombies around the house now, or at least on their way to the house.

He put the gun up to his head and said one final message for deadened ears to hear, "Well, it's all over now".

He pulled the trigger and fell to the floor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


He took aim, looked down his sights, and fired a single shot. His shoulder absorbed the recoil, and he smiled at the aftermath of his bullets trail. He pulled up his radio and whispered into it "Zulos is down"

"Copy that Alpha" said the operator on the other line.

Alpha looked out onto the complex. He saw masked figures running around inside from the window that he had just shattered. He liked the look of hopelessness as they scrambled about aimlessly, trying to locate him. Alpha was lying down on his stomach, then he looked to his right and saw 2 M-77 Velico planes coming toward the complex.

"Those guys are totally fucked" whispered Alpha as his eyes widened.

The 2 M-77's dropped bombs right onto the complex, completely obliterating it.

Alpha looked out onto the building, which was on fire, as was everything around the building.

He said to himself "Kinda makes me feel like my job is useless, but hey, its pay and practice"

He watched the embers burn for an hour or two, then the chopper came and picked him up. Alpha had a cross look on his face since the chopper usually didnt take that long to pick him up from small-time missions like this. As he stepped onto the chopper he was met with the gaudy face of Lieutenant Mersereau.

"We have another assignment for you" said Lt. Mersereau sternly
"Oh yeah sir?" replied Alpha
"Yes, and it'll redoubtably be your biggest assignment yet"
"Tell me about it then, sir"
"You are to assassinate this man" said Lt. Mersereau as he handed Alpha a few pictures.
"You can easily see him from this location" Lt. Mersereau said as he pulled out a map, "He'll be giving a speech at the Moore tonight, so I want you to take him out"
"Will do sir" said Alpha

They made it into the city, and dropped off Alpha at the spot he was told about.

"Everyone will know this day Alpha, don't fuck up" said Lt. Mersereau as the chopper left Alpha on the building.

"Everyone knows everyday I kill someone..." said Alpha as he propped up his rifle onto the ledge.

Alpha looked out and saw the man giving the speech at the Moore. He lowered his heart rate and cut his breathing. He looked down his scope and readied his aim. He took one, clean shot at the man.

The shot sailed downwards, but still managed to strike the man in his lower back, effectively killing him.

"Target is down" radioed Alpha

"You've just killed the President" said the operator, "Welcome to the Revolution"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Below the 1st Floor"

CONTINUED FROM "Into the Deep Dark"

As they descended into the lower levels of the caverns, the party was looking at two tunnels, one to their left, and one to their right.

"I'll take the left with Amiele and Kyras" said Santo

"And I shall take the right with Boothead" said Allan

Santo strode carefully left, as the saw several doors on their left and right. They tried to open them all, but to no avail. 

"The doors are too thick to break through" said Santo as he tried to beat down a door with his mace.

"Let's just continue onward" Kyras said.

They continued down the hallway until it opened out into a large room. At the end of this room a giant golem statue was blocking the way down.

"SPEAK THE PASSWORD" was all the creature said.

Santo looked over to Amiele and Kyras and whispered "Password? What the hell kind of a password could this golem want?"

Suddenly, the giant golem's eyes flashed, and the necklaces that warded the skeletons dissolved on the parties necks. 

"Let's get out of here!" yelled Amiele as all three of them raced back the way they came.

They came back to the staircase and decided to go to the right tunnel this time.

Eventually they came to another section of doors, and Santo immediately threw himself, and his mace, into the door.

The door was rotting away, so Santo flew into the room, and almost fell into a giant hole in the ground. Kyras luckily caught Santo before he could fall into the pit.

"Whats down there?" asked Santo

"Let's find out" said Kyras as he tossed his torch down.

After about 15 or so feet they saw a stream, and the torch went out after hitting the water.

"Looks like we're swimming" said Santo.

"You can swim, I'll keep watch" said Kyras.

"Suit yourself" said Santo as he descended on a grappling hook into the water below.

Santo and Amiele swam down the little stream until in emptied into a grate, at which point they could stand. A jewel encrusted door was slightly behind a fenced in area with a huge lock on a gate. 

Santo immediately started banging on the lock, which was smashed almost effortlessly.

Two stone guards turned toward Santo and Amiele, who quickly readied themselves for combat.

Santo went into a blind rage and blew off one of the guards' stone heads, while Amiele merely chipped part of the stonework off. The other stone guard swung at Amiele and clipped her in her chest, then Santo retaliated by hitting the statue so hard that it toppled over, crumbling.

Their eyes lit up as they saw the jeweled door, and they both raced to it with a knife in hand to pry out all of the precious stones.

About halfway through the jewels, they heard a small creature yelp, but they didnt pay any mind to it, for it was a small creature, about the size of a cat.

Their hearts sank as they heard six statues heavy bases coming down the stairs in a rythemic fashion. Santo pushed open the door to see a mighty treasure room adorned by coins, valuables, and armor.

Amiele yelled at Santo "We spent fifteen minutes prying out the gems of a treasure rooms door!?"

"It appears so" said Santo.

Both raced into the treasure room, searching frantically for a place to hide....


Friday, September 16, 2011

"I need it bad!"

Brad texted Tyler "I need it bad doooooood"

Tyler replied quickly "I got your damn charger, I'm on my way"

So, as usual, Brad went to his computer and started his routine, checking facebook, email, that whole thing, when suddenly he heard the opening of his back screen door.

He rushed up to the door and quickly swung it open while saying "Man! I've been waiting for you for fo-" he stopped short as he heard the gun pointed at his face click.

A grizzly old man walked over Brad's body, looking around the house for valuables, and mumbled to himself "I guess he really did want it that bad"

I realize that this story was short as fuck, but it came into my mind after my friend wouldn't shut the fuck up about getting his charger, and wondered what would happen if he opened the door and it wasnt me standing at the other side.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not a story, but I still think you should read this

I hate it when I follow someone, or comment on their blog, and then they fade from existence.

Look, I know that you're not making 1927317203 dollars right off the bat, but that's not the point. I find that I enjoy posting stories and shit, and I feel good when I see that other people enjoy them too, and it saddens me to see half of the people I follow just leave to never blog again. Plus, blogging lets you meet some interestin' characters with blogs you legitimately enjoy! Timothy Bowden for example, he's badass. And Dalf? He's one helluva artist. Also, Hadistic Plumber is badasstoo! I would not have met any of them if it were not for bloggin' bout my dumb shit stories (That I like writing)

So to those of you that check back everytime I post a story, thank you! I love you all <3 and try my best to do the same to you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Trust Issue"

Alexis walked up to the handyman in a seductive stride, "Heyyy" was all she said as she neared him.

"Hello miss" replied the handyman, who pulled up on his scuffed up work uniform.

"Do you mind helping with something in my room...?" said Alexis.

The handyman eagerly hopped up from his painting job and went into the room with the girl. Alexis pinned him to the bed and started to kiss him.

The man easily gave into her, and she started to remove his clothes. After she got his shirt up she looked at him. The man's face lit up as he looked into a gaping maw of razor sharp teeth grinning at him. The girl bit into his neck and quickly silenced the man, and was slowly eating away at him.

"I should really stop going through all this trouble to get one of these" said the monster, "But hey, I LOVE seeing the looks on their faces"

The monster turned into the handyman, picked up his wallet, and started on its way to the handyman's house.

Saw "30 Minutes or Less"

I give it a 6.5-7 out of 10. It was funny and stuff, but the ending was just...there. It's hard to explain until you see the movie yourself. Sorry if I havent been keeping up on this sthit like I KNOW I should, but school is taking up a big portion of my time nowadays. Anyways, if you like comedies, maybe look into this more, but if you're looking for a real story, then pass this one on by.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Well, my friend is sleeping right next to me

On the couch, and he's just telling me to shut the hell up every time I try to wake him up.

That sucks don't it?

Also, I'm working on a story, so you guy'll see it as soon as it gets done, hope to see you doods soon! :D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Secrets of the World"

Jimmy just sort of blanked out during his Economics class. He had enough sleep the night before, he eat a good breakfast, but he just sort of...passed out. He slept through the entire 2 1/2 hour lecture too, and he only woke when someone smacked his desk with a heavy book.

"Wake up Mr. Pondnie" said the professor

"Huh? Wha-"

"You slept through my entire lecture today, and missed the assignment"

"Well, could you uh...tell me the assignment Mr. Atkins?"

Mr. Atkins sighed, and walked to his desk area, "Follow me Mr. Pondie" was all he said.

Jimmy followed him and stood behind him as he opened his desk.

"Do you wish to know everything?"

Jimmy looked at his professor confusedly "What?"

"I can show you how everything in this world works, what everyone has ever done, everything that ever will be, do you wish to know?"

"Uh.." Jimmy puttered off, "Yeah! I do want to know!"

Mr. Atkins pulled up a key, a shiny metal key. Simple really, like one that you use to open an old cellar door. He pointed it at Jimmy and acted like he shot Jimmy with the key. Jimmy instantly fell to the ground, clutching his head at his ears, writhing in pain. After awhile Jimmy stopped grabbing his head and stood straight up.

"I know...everything" he said calmly

"Everything there ever was, and everything there shall ever be Mr. Pondie"

"How do you...manage this?"

"I do not, I only know that this unlocks the inner sanctum of your mind, revealing everything about anything ever, I dare not tempt myself with this power, but you, you seem like you could put it to good use"

Jimmy looked at his palms, everything turned into a blur, he looked at Mr. Atkins, who pulled his fist back, and then promptly punched Jimmy in the face. Jimmy fell hard, and was knocked out cold.

Jimmy woke up after a heavy book hit his desk.

"Sleeping in my class again Mr. Pondie?" asked Mr. Atkins

Jimmy moved up and looked at his professor with weary eyes.

"Have fun out there" was all Mr. Atkins said as he walked back to his desk.

Jimmy walked out of the class and everything began to...unravel. He looked out and he knew what he needed to do.

"This power.." Jimmy said, "I know what I must do."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Do you see this movie poster right here? You fucking better, unless you're blind, in which case this is being read to you. BUT THIS IS MOTHERFUCKING ARMY OF DARKNESS. Have you seen this movie before? No? You dont know SHIT about movies then. So before I continue, how about you plop your ass down, order this movie from Netflix (Thats right, you might have to move your fingers a bit to watch this masterpiece, tough luck asshole) and literally stare at the ceiling until this bad motherfucker right here arrives at your fucking doorstep in 2-3 business days.

Once you get this DVD right here, you can precede to masturbate furiously at the very thought of watching this. It is an honor, no, a PRIVILEGE for this movie to even be at your house. You might even want to be careful putting this thing into your DVD player, simply because there are hundred's of injuries every day from DVD players EXPLODING ON CONTACT WITH THIS MOVIE. Its that fucking awesome.

IF A.) Your DVD player didnt explode, and B.) You yourself did not explode from merely touching this movie, prepare your eyeballs, which WILL melt from your skull once this motherfucker starts.

Hopefully after the first five minutes your eyeballs arent nothing more than mush, and thus you can actually watch your movie. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! If you are a male, prepare for uncontrollable spontaneous ejaculations from every fiber of your dick. Seriously, you could impregnate that hot chick down the street with how much semen comes outta your penis from simplying looking at the screen blankly while this movie is playing. If you survive this ordeal, and fully watch this movie without dying, you get to choose any mate you want, for forever. Seriously, I got bitches lined up for days cause of this movie, it makes you that badass.

Basically, go get this fucking movie right now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Ice Golem"

Frixx looked up at the mountain with an unsure face.

"It looks quite...big...and cold." said Frixx as he pulled his robe closer to himself.

He had traveled over a week to get to the mountain, and that was through at least 2 entirely hostile regions. First was the Jalmangor, home of the half-giants, and second was Vatryn, home of the Nomadic Ken-sha. Both were extremely deadly when encountered alone outside of their homes, but in their homeland? It takes quite a bit of magic to get through there safe, but Frixx managed to do it.

Frixx started the trek up the mountain, which was unbelievably steep, but it didnt matter to Frixx. All he had to do was smack his boots with his staff and he could get a grip on any stone, no matter how steep.

He climbed up for a good hour or two before he decided to take a break. He took off his backpack and pulled out a few pieces of bread.

"This sure is tiring..."Frixx mumbled as he looked at his feet, which were sore, even with the help of magic to ease the pain. He ended up dozing off for an hour or so, and was rather rudely awakened by a man with a balaclava over his mouth.

"Get up" said the man

"Okay! Okay!" said Frixx, "What do you want?"

"Gimme all of your valuables, or else I'll throw you off of my mountain"

"I really advise you just leave, and forget I ever was here"

"Oi! I am the one makin' the offers here"

"This is your last chance friend..." said Frixx

"HA, I'm not gonna let some little punk demand that I lea-"

The bandit was cut off as Frixx moved his hand toward the man slightly, and the man dropped.

Frixx walked over to the man and looked into his eyes, the only part of the bandits body that could move, and said to him "I'm awfully sorry I have to do this, but I did warn you"

Frixx touched the bandits chest and ripped off his shirt. He made a gesture as if he was grabbing something from the bandit's chest, and a pale haze of smoke erupted from the bandit's heart. Frixx grabbed it, pulled it in, and then absorbed it into his own body.

"I told you..." Frixx said as he started to trek up the mountain again "I told you to just leave"

After a few hours Frixx made it to the top of the mountain. A throne sat atop the summit with a large warrior encased in ice sitting in it. Frixx took off his robe to unveil a machine-like chest cavity filled with cogs and gears. He twisted a knob and he started emitting a long, pale smoke trail. He grabbed his staff and stuck it into the ground and twisted it, the ice began to crack, and the warrior burst out of the ice, and stood up, back straight.

"Impressive" said Frixx.

The pale haze touched the warrior, and it's eyes lit up with a red hue.

Frixx fell on the ground as the last of the smoke left his chest.

The warrior started moving, and then said "This body...." as he started to descend the mountain, "It is mine"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Into the deep dark"

This is a continuation of "The Beginning of a Long Journey Home"

Santo strode up to a group of guardsmen and asked where the leader of the group was, and the guardsmen pointed him to an elaborate tent over in the corner of the field. Santo walked there, and looked to his left, only to see a ditch with about 5-6 corpses in it, all presumably adventurers who also tried to secure the dungeon and failed.

He walked up to the leader, a small man, at least to Santo, and said "Are you the leader of this camp?"

"Yes I am"

"What needs to be done"

"I am willing to pay anyone a substantial amount of gold if they can clear this dungeon and secure a definite safe route to its treasure room"

"How do you know that it has treasure in it?"

"Well, this is an old fortress you see, and similar ones have been found in the past, all holding large amounts of rare items"

"How do you know it has not been looted?"

"Because immediatly upon entering, skeleton guards attack"

"Very well"

Santo then walked off to grab a drink from a merchant in the camp. After he grabbed a waterskin, he saw a few men around the camp. One man had a patch over his eye and a shortsword, another had on a funny looking spiked helmet, but one caught Santo's eye; a man with a black set of armor who looked rather intimidating. Santo walked up to the man and asked for his name.

"You do not seem like these other mercenaries" said Santo, "You dont look...pathetic"

"I'll take that as a compliment, but you'd best hold your tongue next time" said the man

"Ha! We have a mouth on this one!" said Santo, "Look over there" as Santo pointed to the ditch, "That is our fate if we go in alone, would you like to join me? We shall split the gold reward"

"A modest proposal, I...accept." said the man, "And my name is Kyras"

"I am Santo"

"Well, let me finish preparing, then we can head inside" said Kyras as he walked away

Santo sat down by some trees and dozed off, only to be awoken by Kyras kicking his leg.

"Wake up Santo, I found more adventurers" said Kyras

"Why did you grab more adve-" said Santo before he was cut off.

"I want to live through this, and the more people we hav, the better off we are" said Kyras, then he pointed to a small female dwarf  "This is Lady Amile", then to elven monk "This is Allen Pryce" and finally to a man with a boot on his head "This is...boothead..."

"Why do you have a boot on your head?"

"Because my name is boothead...or maybe because I have a boot on my head, my name is boothead, I forget which entirely" said Boothead

"Err...alrightttttt" said Santo

"Are we all ready?" said Allen

"We should probably seek out a mage for counseling" said Kyras, who looked over his shoulder to a witch with a cauldron.

"I shall do speak to her!" said boothead as he ran off to talk to the witch

Boothead introduced himself as he usually did, "Hello! I am boothead, wearer of shoes!"

"I am Momaya" said the witch plainly, disregarding Bootheads stupidity

"What advice can you give to us, oh wise Momaya?" Said Boothead

"Well, all I know it that the skeletons, are somehow controlled" said the witch

"Well then! I shall be on my way!" yelled Boothead as he happily strode back to the group.

"What did she say?" asked Kyras

"The skelly's are being controlled by something!" said Boothead as he started walking to the entrance

"Well, we might as well get going" said Santo as everyone walked into the mouth of the dungeon.

It was unbelievably dark in the cave, but luckily most of the party had low-light vision, except Santo, who was blind as a bat.

"I cannot see my own hands! said Santo

Allen Pryce looked through his bag and pulled out a little necklace and said "This will cast light, just dont drop it"

Santo took the necklace and instantly the cave lit up so he could see.

Allen had taken off his monk robes and put on a set of leather armor decorated with knives and dagger.

"You are no monk!" yelled Santo

"You are quick to catch on my friend!" said Allen, "I am a rogue, thief, pickpocket, whatever you may like to call me"

"Just do not attempt to thieve from me if you would like to live" said Santo.

The party continued down the caven until they reached a solid stone floor, elegantly crafted with elaborate designs in the stonework. They saw a door on their right, which Santo tried to open, but it was locked.

"Its locked?" said Allen, "This is my type of j-" was all he could say before Santo broke the door down with his mace.

"I have no need for your lock picks when I have my weapon in hand" said Santo.

They looked into the room and quickly searched it, finding nothing of value, they continued down the hallway. They saw a giant door on their right, which Santo immediately tried to bash in, but to no avail.

"Typical brute..." mumbled Allen.

Off in the distance they heard a shuffling of bone on stone.

"Ready your weapons!" shouted Kyras

Everyone drew their weapons, with the exception of Boothead, who readied his mind for a skull-crushing force kick attack. A single skeleton appeared out of the shadows, its gaping jaw wide open as it dragged its crude weapon, a rusty scimitar. Santo rushed the skeleton and smacked its shield with his mace, denting it. Kyras then slashed at the skeleton, cutting off its left arm, which was holding the shield. Next, Allen threw a dagger, which missed completely. Finally, Boothead let out a psyonic kick that shattered the damaged skeleton.

Santo searched the remains and found a necklace, which he stashed in his pocket. The group continued along the hallway, trying to open any and every door they came across.

Upon opening a door, they peeked inside to see eight skeletons patrolling an area. They all turned around, silently closed the door, and set a trap that would alert the party if the skeletons left the room.

They continued along the corridor until Allen told the party to stop.

"I see something ahead" said Allen as he readied his dagger.

Up ahead there was a skeleton that was facing away from the party, unmoving. Allen started sneaking up on the skeleton, which was still not moving. He got literally a foot away from the skeleton when suddenly its head quickly twisted and locked onto Allen, which surprised even him, and the skeleton made a quick slash with his sword, cutting Allen's stomach. Allen slurched back in pain as Santo ran up on the skeleton and knocked its head off in a fit of rage.

"It was a sentienal" said Amile

"I noticed" cried Allen in pain

"I got it, I got it" said Amile as she touched the stomach wound and it magically sealed itself up.

The party continued down the hallway (It was very long) and eventually came to a set of stairs leading down.

"I shall lead" said Santo proudly, as the party descended to the 2nd floor.



Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Now You See Me"

James looked out of his window and saw the man peeking from behind the tree.

"He still out there" he whispered to himself as he was shaking like a leaf.

Jason paced his room several times, still thinking about the man staring at his window.

"He's been there for more than a day now!" said James as he was walking around his bedroom, "He just wont leave! I've called the cops, but they wont help me at all!"

James sat down and decided to open up a book to try and calm his nerves. He fiddled around with "Open Arms" before getting anxious and throwing the book aside, then grabbed "The Art of War" before quickly tiring of that too. He jumped up out of his bed and ran to the window, but made sure not to have his head visible. He quickly peeked out of his blinds, and didn't see a trace of the man.

"Oh thank go-" James was saying until he caught a glimpse of something moving in his peripheral vision.

"Do not turn around" said the man as James heard the clicking of a gun.

"You will do exactly as I say, or else I will kill you"

James was shaking harder than ever, trembling at every word the man spoke.

"I want you to leave your house right now"

James tried to open the door, but it was jammed.

"I-It wont budge!" yelled James as he tried pulling on the knob.

"Then break it down" said the man

James picked up a chair from the desk in the corner and bashed the door in with it, and stepped through the hole in the oak. James walked down the hallway at the man's request, where he met another door, heavier than the last one.

"I cant break this one!" he said as he was bashing the chair on the door to no avail.

"Use the windows" said the man

James broke the windows and managed to squeeze out quickly, and tried to make a run for it.

"DONT YOU FUCKING MOVE ONE MORE STEP" yelled the man, and James instantly locked up.

"We're going for a little walk" said the man.

James walked down a few blocks, and every few minutes the man would tell him to not look so nervous.

"Stop looking around so much"
"I put the gun away, so its not like anyone will think I really have one on me"
"Don't you dare call for help, or else I blow both of you away"

They eventually made it to a corner-store called "Lemur's" where the man stopped James.

"Look in the bin next to the store, there is a gun, grab it and rob the store"

James reluctantly scurried off to get the gun, and went into the store as casually as he could.

"Hey man" he said to the cleck, "Do you see anyone on those cameras outside?"

The clerk looked at the cameras but didnt see anyone.

"Err Nob-" was all the clerk said before he had a .45 point right as his nose.

"I'm sorry man, but there's this guy and he sa-" James stopped as he looked out the store window and he saw the man shake his head as if to say "Don't tell him about me"

"..J-Just gimme all your cash!" yelled James, and the clerk immediately started laying out 100s on the table for James, pretty slowly.

James picked up the stacks and left in a hurry, but as he got outside he saw an entire police squadron parked around the store.

"PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON SIR" said a police officer on a megaphone

James looked back to where the man was and yelled "There's a man over there threatening to kill me if I didnt do what he said!"

The police asked him to lower his weapon again, and James complied. An officer quickly came up and handcuffed him. James saw the officers search around the dead end that the man was hiding in, but didnt find anyone.

As James was being put into the squad car, he over heard one of the officer's talking on him mic, saying "Valley Mental? We have one of your patients in our custody, he robbed a store and blamed in on an invisible man, we're taking him downtown right away"