Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Stars, They're So Vast

I apologize in advance, it has been quite some time since I've posted anything (besides saying that I was gonna post soon, which I also missed that deadline too) BUT this is some old-skool shit that I wrote, so it's actually kinda long. PREPARE FOR AN EXPANDED UNIVERSE AND SHIT.

"March 15th, 2775, about 3PM, just outside of Kalithu's atmosphere on the S.S. Hirama" Jacob Yurnn said to his wrist intercom.

"You still update your logs?" asked his friend Nate Mahi

"Well Altocom still pays my salary right?" shot Jacob.

"Yeah, shit pay anyways. Plus, you do know they just have a giant warehouse of the logs of people? I heard they never even check that stuff" said Nate

"Probably, but if they ever need to check it, I'll be golden"

"Hah, I guess you're right" said Nate as he was walking the other way, "Oh hey! What time is your delivery?"

"8:45" said Jake

"Perfect! After I drop off all of my shit, wanna go to the bar for a few drinks? I'm looking to get smashed in Kali"

"Yeah, sure" said Jacob as he chuckled, "Looks like I'll have to grab a ship for auto-pilot for the ride home"

Jacob continued his inventory check while still advancing toward the docking bay. After making sure everything was satisfactory, Jacob loaded up the cargo onto the shuttle. He went up to the docking bay officer's room and got the A-Ok to leave the ship. Jacob hopped into the shuttle and flipped a few switches, and the ship sprang to life. Jake coasted through the loading dock and out into open space, and was amazed at how...beautiful it was.

As Jacob entered Kalithu's atmosphere, a single fighter ship came around behind him. The shuttle's intercom started flashing and Jacob smacked the button to open the com.

"Hirama shuttle B-4, report to 3A docking station, I'll escort you in" said the uniformed pilot.
"Yup, will do sir" said Jake, again smacking the button to the coms, "Do they think I'm an idiot or something? I know how to fly myself in..." he whispered under his breath.

He gently glided towards the docking bay, and once in range he turned off his main thrusters. Now was the time to pop on the bottom engines to maneuver the ship into the relatively small docking platform. After a few seconds of adjusting, Jake took the ship down and flipped a few more switches, killing the engine and opening the back door for the cargo.

He popped out of the ship through a door on the side, and made his way for the back of the ship, ready to deliver whatever cargo he had"

That's all I'll bore you with for now! Tomorrow if I'm bored around midnight I'll post more (That was effectively 2 pages, and even that was condensed, out of probably 30)

So, see you tomorrow hopefully!