Monday, November 5, 2012

The Beginning

The explorer bent down towards the river.

"The rivers current is slower than usual" he said as he stuck his hand into the sandy bottomed river.

A large man clad in dark drab hung over him and spoke plainly "The river is dying, as is this world"

The man by the river swung his head around and looked at the large figure over him and said "How do you know the world is dying?"

The large man's voice ominiously boomed "I have lived for hundreds of years, I am eternally tied to this world"

The explorer stood up, and saw how he was dwarfed by the dark figure. He looked up to him and spoke softly, "Then why is the world dying?"

The man grabbed the small explorer and threw him into the river, bent over, and dipped his fingers into the murky water. He spoke plainly as the explorer swam up to catch his breath from the river, "I grow cynical with my eternal life, it is a curse to me. Thus, I am killing this world."

After his final words were spoken, the river turned black and various fish began floating to the surface.

The large man's voice boomed as he raised up from the river, "This is only the beginning"


  1. This is incredible man. What an awesome, well written piece of writing, it's great to have you back. Hopefully this is only the beginning for your blog as well.