Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"The Beginning of the Past"

Ralk was eating supper when the mortar hit, causing the wall to his house to crumble down, and sending Ralk flying backwards.

"What sorcery is this!?" he yelled as he leaped up, grabbing his longsword in the process.

He exited his home through the newly-fashioned hole in it and saw the rest of his small town getting hit by shells. As he looked around he saw other homes blown apart, with people getting sent every which way with each blast.

Prognar run up to Ralk and yelled "Quick Ralk! With me! We are formulating a counterattack!"

Ralk ran with Prognar, while saying "What is this madness!?"

Prognar was puzzled himself, and replied "It seems the gods are angry with us!" as he was running.

They came up to the village center where a group of warriors were gathered, restless and eager for their leader to order them to attack. Prognar and Ralk joined the group, and their leader began speaking.

"We must fight, brothers!" he yelled as he thrust his sword into the air, "For Odiiiiiiiiiin!"

At that signal everyone ran toward the woods where the mysterious enemy lied in wait. Mortars were still exploding everywhere, men and beast alike were getting blown away, yet they continued onward. Seven of Eight iron clad warriors stepped out of the forest; silent, still, unmoving. The mortars were still picking off the warriors, with one exploding to Prognar's right, blowing him and Ralk backwards.

Ralk couldnt hear anything as he got up, and was dizzy as well. He stumbled over to Prognar, who was torn in half. He reached down and grabbed Prognar's necklace, snapped it off and holding it in his fist. He looked at one of the iron clad men, raised his sword above his head, and began his charge.

The man raised a weapon and popped off two rounds into Ralk's chest, but that didn't slow his frenzy down at all. With a mighty yell he closed the gap between them and sent his sword down with the most force he could muster. His sword came down, and Ralk felt as the blade cracked with a satisfying chink. Ralk looked in horror as his sword simply bounced off of the man's shoulder, and was punched in the face by the mans right hand, knocking Ralk down.

The iron man walked up to Ralk and said "Resilient little fuckers"

Ralk was fading in and out of consciousnesses at that point, and opened his eyes to see the warriors' weapon aimed at his face. A single shot went off. The war for the past had begun.


  1. This was nice. (:

  2. Time traveling future soldiers? I laughed at "what sorcery?"

  3. Wait what? This seem so random, what the hell are future soldiers doing with the vikings.

  4. Excellent stuff man. Your writing is superb, keep it up.