Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poems bro

The darkness rekindles his curious spirit
Wishfully he takes each stride farther
Into the deep dark that is the night
And in that moment, he is truly home

I watch with unwavering eyes
Fleeting from face to face
I try to make up their story
To say why they are here, now
But in the end, I’m always left thinking
“To others, what’s my story?”

Your eyes begin to sway
Their lids coming down, with no sign of stopping
You black out, but only for a moment
And when you arrive, you can do anything
Everything is so fluid and real
But when you awake, it fades away in an instant

A dying city, with the decaying population
No pride in their work, only working on their pride
None wish to live here, they all want to leave
And I had the good fortune to be born here
But I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

Their words, I glare at
Their advances, I repel
Their attempts, I block
You alone, I defend
If I stop, that means I don’t love you.

The memories, they wont fade away that quickly
The good times we had together
But I’m slowly getting better at forgetting all those times
It is finally time to create new ones instead

I look below me, but I see nothing
In the dark abyss, I hear no sound
That is what worries me the most
For when I finally touch what is below me, I will already be doomed

Nobody can see me anymore, but I prefer it this way
To be unseen is a blessing in a blessing
I don’t want their damning eyes on me
But I want to see what happens, behind those closed doors

Each one has a reason for being written, well, more like they are all about something specific. The 1st is about the night, the last is about being invisible. Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates, hope you enjoy these faggy poems I wrote :D


  1. Love the first four poems. The 5th and 6th were meh. But not all are godtier

  2. Man, I think I actually loved all of these, excellent poetry here man, I really do like all of these.

  3. Great! I'm not able to put 3 sentences together with sense