Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vakarian Backstory

Vakarian rushed to the aid of the queen when he was called upon. Always. But this time something was different. His head felt fuzzy as he ran out to fight the exterminator battlemages, but he continued on. He was a protector drone; the best of the drones in his hive. He may have been about the size of a small child, but he could take hits as if he were made of steel.

The battlemages had started raining fire on the hive, and Vakarian was there to meet them. His tough exterior made the spells splash off of him, and he continued walking towards the mages to attack them with his mandibles. He managed to get 2 wizards before his head felt like it was going to explode from the pain. His queen was telling him to run, that it was over for the hive. The searing pain forced its way into Vakarian's body, and he fled. Now he travels, looking for a new queen to call his own.

That was my DnD backstory for a bug character I made in like 15 minutes. It sucks lol.