Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Re-watched "Gamer" last night

Let me tell you, I remember being extremely hyped up for that movie. From the trailer it looked like a kick-ass shoot-em up that reminded me of Cawwadooty. The action sequences were pretty damn cool to say the least, and I loved how well the piano playing went during the second battle. But sadly, like most other movies, the plot got in the way. It ended up being a catastrophic attempt by a group of rogue computer hackers to stop Ken Castle. Honestly, I would've liked a more solo movie, where the kid who's controlling Kable sees how wrong it is to play, but he keeps going to free Kable, and where Kable has to do unspeakable things to get released. With all the rage that had built up in Kable from fighting, and killing, all of those people, he would beat the living shit out of Ken Castle. Boom. Credits roll. And you just got an Action movie that didnt need a storyline.

But of course, Hollywood ruined the movie for me. Oh well, maybe I shouldnt get so hyped up! Its enjoyable to watch, I admit, but I always wanted MORE.


  1. Dude. Computer hackers will kill you. It happened to me. I am dead now. BECAUSE OF HAX0RS

  2. That's a good movie. i like the computer that kid has. It's really sweet. But just look at how lazy the society is.