Friday, July 22, 2011

Super 8 Review

I thought it was an excellent movie, mainly because of how not only is it a giant monster movie, but it also shows how the kids changed since the train crash (it was in the trailer, so its not a spoiler). Personally, I love JJ Abrams' shit, and gobbled this right up. I'll go more in depth in a second (with spoilers), after I rate the movie.



Okay, I did like the movie alot, but there were a few flaws in it. First off, the trainwreck. The man drove HEADFIRST INTO A TRAIN, and only half of his car was smashed? AND he was still able to talk? AND he survived that shit? Either that guy is superhuman (and not just telepathically able to communicate with the monster) or they really had no way of telling the kids why their teacher drove his car into a train. Next, the monster and its powers. If the monster could deflect missles shot from tanks and pretty much distort all radio, how did they contain it? Its just one of those fride-moments where you think back and say "Hey wait a second! How did that happen!?". Other than those few flaws (That I can remember) I thought the acting was good, and the plot was rock solid. I hope they continue making movies like this instead of shit like "Just Friends" I swear there's a new "Sex buddy turned lover" movie out every damn month.


  1. Yeah, lots of plot holes and stuff in Super 8, but I suspended by disbelief. Elle Fanning definitely grew up overnight.

    What general genre of movies do you like?

  2. I'm probably most into Sci-fi films. Its just the amount of creativity that comes with making a sci-fi film amazes me. You have to make it enjoyable, and believable, when just making it enjoyable is hard enough.