Friday, July 22, 2011

Those New TF2 Weapons (As of 7/22/2011)

Now, I clicked on Team Fortress 2 this morning, and what do I see? ANOTHER update for the damn Soldier. Its like the guys at Valve only play the Soldier, while neglecting most other classes (Engineer and Pyro). Pyro honestly should have had the update, because, quite frankly, he hasnt had dick for content in months. He has a new weapon called "The Maul" which can remove sappers, which is cool as hell really, but as for a primary weapon, he is left with only 2 options, the Degreaser (Which blows) and the Back Burner (Which is awesome), while the Soldier has about...5 options for a primary. (Black Box, Direct Hit, Liberty Launcher, Cow Mangler 5000, and something else that I cant think of right now) So while the Soldier is pretty much set for a long time on items, the Engineer is MIA for content, and the Pyro gets one melee weapon.


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  1. agree about pyro needing more main weapons, but he has varaiety of 8+ melee weapons you can see it here: