Friday, October 21, 2011

"The Escape"

The cars of the Black Serpents were much faster than the beat-up pickup truck that Erik was riding in. Erik tried tying a tourniquet around his arm to help with stopping the blood coming out of his elbow, but the knot was rather lose. Tuel and Ramer both had their guns trained on the Black Serpent's cars that were getting closer by the second. It was going to get messy.

"Erik! We're gonna need your help on this one!" yelled Tuel.

Erik was drowsy from the blood loss, but still managed to talk, and muttered out "I gotcha! I'll do what I can!"

He propped his rifle out of the window, aimed at the waste to his right. Tuel and Ramer both already started firing on the cars, which were covered in sheet metal.

"The cars! How many?" shouted Neva as he was crusing along the road.

"I count 5!" yelled Ramer from the bed of the truck and he was popping off some shots.

Suddenly, as they were firing on the cars, they started firing back. All but one had a man leaning out of the window firing at the truck. Bullets were flying in every direction.

Erik leaned out of his window and fired a few shots backwards, but his left arm gave in and he dropped the rifle.

"Fuck! I dropped my gun!" yelled Erik

Neva reached down and pulled his gun up, handing it to Erik.

"Don't you drop this one Mumbasa" he said.

Erik picked up the gun and set it on the door looking out, waiting for a car to come up on their right. Tuel and Ramer were still in a firefight with the cars behind them.

Tuel managed to pop one of the gunners, only after firing off at least 2 magazines. Ramer was hitting the car closest to them, but his bullets grazed off like nothing. The closest car gunner was firing wildly, and managed to hit Ramer in the right shoulder. Ramer cried out in pain as he dropped his gun. Tuel instantly started firing on that car and killed that gunner too. The Black Serpent fell out of the window, and the car grinded to a halt.

"I think they're done!" yelled Tuel as he looked out and all 5 cars had stopped.

"But now they know where we're going!" cried Ramer as he was still clutching his shoulder.

Neva spoke up, and said "It does not matter! Next time, we shall be ready for them!"

Sorry it takes so long to post these things D: I've just been swamped, and need more creative ideas to put in the story


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