Sunday, October 2, 2011

"On the way to Whiteicon"

The old man looked up at Erik and asked "How does it feel son? To pull the trigger?"

Erik looked at him plainly and said "It feels terrible, even if they're infected, they were people once, they cared for their brothers, their neighbors, their sons, whatever. It's just..." he paused "I had to pull the trigger on my own parents." Erik started to sob, "I tried to save them, I really did damnit! I was just too late..they were across town, I lost my fucking brother trying to reach them, only to come face to face with two husks that only wore the face of my parents...I'm suprised that I had the guts to pull the trigger..I cried after it was done too...cried and cried and cried...I didnt even notice the infected coming in through the front door that I left open...I had to pull the trigger again and again...I almost pulled it on myself..but then Neva found me. He busted into my house with Neil and Amie and cleared the infected out here I am, pulling the trigger day in and day out"

Neva shouted up from the driver's seat "Oi Mumbasa! I hear you speak of my name! I hope only good things are coming from your mouth!"

Erik patted the top of the car, "Of course Neva, just tellin' Old Man Dybala my story"

Neva laughed "Oh yes! Tell him how I blew that one zombies brain clear from it's shoulders! That part is the part I love!"

Erik looked at Old Man Dybala and said "Neva likes to brag about how good he is at killing infected, but really, he did save my life, and I offered to be his gunner in return, better than nothing"

"I see" said Old Man Dybala, what of Neil and Amie? Are they here too?"

" of them is" said Erik as he looked out to the side of the road "We lost Amie a ways back, around Havenvale" Erik paused "We lost her getting people like you"

"" said Old Man Dybala

"Sick..old...broken down" said Erik "She died to save you"

Old Man Dybala looked at his arm, which was broken in several spots, and had a crudely made cast around it and said "But I'm a doctor...I can HELP you"

"You cant help shit in your condition" said Erik, "I lost a friend over you, and over the others who are pretty much dead weight"

Old Man Dybala was speechless, his exasperated look piercing Erik's very soul.

"Look...I-I'm sorry for your loss, and..I'll make it up to you, in this life or the next" said Old Man Dybala as he stared at his arm, which was encased in unmovable plaster.

"Show me with actions, dont tell me with words" Erik said as he looked around at the fields of debris.

"Oi! Why is no more story being said?" said Neva as he was changing the clutch to a lower gear.

"Story time's over Neva" said Erik

"That is very sad news indeed, maybe some other time you can tell him of the story of Cleric!"

"Yeah, but that'll have to wait" Erik said as he saw something moving in the debris fields.

"Stop the car Neva!" he yelled as he stood up and flicked the safety off on his rifle.

He took aim, but whatever he was looking at was moving too fast from cover to cover in the field.

"Call cars stop!" he yelled into his radio, and all of the cars grinded to a halt.

"This better be good Erik" said the front driver.

Erik raised his rifle and looked down his scope and popped off a shot at the creature, missing it and hitting a metal scrap pile to its right. The creature jumped out from behind the cover, and Erik's eyes grew huge, and his heart skipped a beat. He looked out, and he saw a golden retriever, scared out of its mind

"What do you see Erik!?" said Neva from the driver's seat, trying to catch a glimpse at the thing from his position"

"It''s a fucking dog Neva" said Erik

"A dog?! They were the first infected by the virus! how is it still alive?" said Old Man Dybala, "You have to go catch it!"

Erik instantly hopped out of the car, but still held his rifle in his right hand just incase. He walked towards the dog, but it darted out, then Erik ran after it too.

Erik looked back and saw the lights of the cars get smaller and smaller as he kept running, but he stopped short as he looked over a hill, and saw at least 50 infected roaming around. Their gapping jaws looked at Erik with a hunger unknown to the human race, and they all started running at Erik.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh SHIIIIIIIIIT!" yelled Erik as he was running back to the convoy firing backwards when he could.

He snatched up his radio and yelled into it "Get the damn convoy rolling! Fast! We got at least 50 coming after me! I'll hop into my truck! Just go!"

Neva's voice came over the radio "You hurry up and run fast to the truck Mumbasa! We have no waiting time for you!"

Erik sprinted through the debris field and hopped into the truck, but an infected was right behind him and grabbed his leg. Erik kicked back, but the hand was still gripped tightly around his ankle, when suddenly, a sharp bang was heard, and the grip loosened. Erik climbed into the bed of the truck and was face to face with old Man Dybala, a smoking pistol in his left hand.

"I told you I'd help you sometime" said old Man Dybala as he popped off two more shots

"Hah, didnt think it'd be that quick" said Erik as he let loose with his rifle.

Neva was racing down the road, as was the convoy now, and after about 20 minutes there were no traces of infected following them.

"Sorry about that front car, how much farther to Whiteicon?"

"You're lucky we didnt lose anyone Erik, but about 150 miles" said the operator

"How far have we traveled so far?"

"About 12 miles" said the operator

"Greattttttt" said Erik as he laid his head on the side of the bed of the truck as it went casually down the road. << That nigga helped me create characters with his comment on my last story :D



  2. At first i was like...that damn Erik won't make it pass the night if he keeps being a sissy like that hahaha
    And also i kept picturing the old man Dybala like Afrika Baambaata for some reason.

  3. very good story! But the structure got a bit repetitive after a while("Erik said" came up a bit much in my opinion.)

  4. ahh..the fine art of zombie stories.
    makes me itch for the new season of Walking Dead

  5. Interesting read.

  6. Very good as always. Have to love zombie stories.

  7. lol ahah thanks dude didn't even think you'd bother:)

    @Astaroth: dude don't worry he'll realise that by himself in time, it will help him more if he got it by himself.

    Anyways continue writing dude i love it.