Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Letter"

He was already running home when his dad started calling him, he reached into his pocket and pressed the green "send" button.

"Where are you at?" asked his father
"I'm by the park"
"Alright, well I'm waiting on the porch for you"

Truth be told, he wasnt by the park at all, he was all the way down the street. He just left his girlfriend's house and ran home as fast as he could, because he told his dad he left 20 minutes earlier than he really did. He checked his phone really quickly, "Damnit, it's 10:17" he thought to himself as he was still jogging.

He slowed down as he hit the bend towards his house. He didnt want to be exhausted as he approached his house. He walked into the yard and saw his dad sitting on the porch, beer in hand.

"What's up" said the kid
"Nothing much son, how about you have a seat real quick though"

The kid sat down, and his dad asked him a question.

"Son, what do you really think of me?"

The kid started tearing up and said "Dad, I think you're a dick..."

The dad spoke up and said "Well son, thats what I tho-"

"But you're the most respected person in my life", the kid had tears falling down his face "and when you wrote me that letter when I was away, I couldnt even get four lines in without losin' it"

The dad was awestruck. The kid got up and walked inside, rounded the corner to his room, pulled out his notebook with the letter, and carefully removed the letter from its case.

He walked out to his father again and handed him the letter, "This is the most valuable thing in my life" he said.

His father stood up and grabbed the letter, he read the first few lines and looked up at his son.

"I love you son, never forget that"

"I love you too Dad, I love you too"



  1. This is excellent as usual buddy. Tear jerking stuff considering my relationship with my dad is almost identical to this.

  2. I have no clue what that letter is about.
    You have some real talent, you somehow make me picture the whole scene perfectly every single time.

  3. This is completely going to kill the mood of this story, but when I read this line: "The kid got up and walked inside, rounded the corner to his room, pulled out his notebook with the letter, and whipped it out"...

    Well, let's just say it wasn't the letter he whipped out.

    Fantastic story, despite my juvenile mind.

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  5. Changed it just fo you Lot's[:

  6. Ur stories are so mystic, I like em!

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  8. This is awesome. (: