Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Meeting Adjourned"


As they traveled down the lonesome strip of road going eastward to Whiteicon; the front car radioed to every care to stop. Each car slowly crawled to halt, and everyone got out and went to the front.

"What's everyone doing?" asked Dybala

Erik opened the back hatch so Dybala could get out easier and said "Meeting up front, gotta be quick about it"

Dybala grudgingly climbed out of the truck and made his way to the front with Erik, who stood by Neva and Neil, facing the bad of the front car. A man was standing out on the top of the car and was speaking aloud to the group.

"Everyone! We are running low of supplies! I'm sending out a team to retrieve food from Ironfield! The group is to get in, and get out quickly! The rest of us are to keep moving forward towards Whiteicon! They will catch up, do not worry brothers!" yelled the man, who had a certain charisma to him.

"We need volunteers for the mission! Anyone who is capable can go!" screamed the man on the car.

Erik raised his hand immediatly, and yelled up "I'll go!"

Neva was 2nd, who instantly threw his hand up and said "Wherever Mumbasa go! I go!"

Three other men joined in too, and the man on the car motioned them to come to the front to recieve something. They all went to the car and the man pulled out several magazine's for their weapons, handing them each two.

The man spoke softly to those five only, and said "Ironfield has been rumored to be a Black Serpent's base, be careful, all of you"

After that, the man sent them all back, and yelled "Meeting adjourned! Let's get back on track to Whiteicon!"

Erik walked to Dybala, and Dybala asked him "What did he give you?"
"Just some ammo and advice"
"Well, what kind of advice?"
"Just that Ironfield might be Black Serpent's land"
"Black Serpent?"
"They must've had you very  in Havenvale didnt they?"

Dybala had a quizzical look on his face and said "Yes, but what ARE the Black Serpents?"

Erik looked out north, toward Ironfield, and said "They're a group of raiders. Cannibals actually. Usually you give those guys a wide berth, but we need the food, so we're going in"

"Are you scared?" asked Dybala, wide-eyed at the fact that it sounded like a suicide mission.

"Of course" Erik said as his eyes passed over the metal rich ground north, "Of course..."


  1. Dun dun dunnnn!!!

    Reminds me of old shows cliffhangers!

  2. Excellent as usual buddy. Keep up with the good work.

  3. i can't wait to see what happens next. you got a screenplay brewin here!

  4. Nice, I was wondering when the next installment was coming.

  5. Holy crap, they are called Black Serpents and are cannibals, they are some bad motherf**kers for sure. I would stay away from them.