Thursday, September 29, 2011

"A long road ahead"

He raised his rifle at the woman and yelled "Halt! Or I'll shoot!"

The woman just kept walking along towards the convoy, moving to get out of the way of the blackish debris that littered the side of the road. She was wearing a a holed-up t-shirt and some denim jeans with one hand behind her back. The lead car grinded to a halt as the woman kept coming closer.

"If you do not stop, I will fucking blow you away ma'am!" he yelled from bed of a pickup truck.

The woman kept walking towards the front car, swaying from side to side, still moving around torn pieces of melted metal and bits of broken down cars that laid on the side of the road.

"Final warning! Stop and let us pass or I WILL kill you!"

The woman was advancing at a slightly increased pace now, slightly under a jog.

"God damnit" said the man as he flipped the safety off, "Why isnt anyone human anymore?"

He looked down his sights and popped off 3 shots in rapid succession, 2 hitting the woman, and the last missing her because she was falling down.

She rolled down before trying to get back up again, and the man put 2 right in her back as she tried stepping up. She fell again, but this time she remained down.

"I hate doing that..." said the man as he flicked the switch back to safety.

"She's down" he radioed in to the lead car.

"Gotcha, moving on up" said the front car's driver.

The front car started moving again, and the man sat down in the bed of the pickup.

"Another one?" said the old man in the bed of the truck.
"Yup, a woman this time too" said the rifleman.
"More and more each day it seems"
"Yeah, and I'm the one forced to pull the trigger"
"Its for the survival of us!"
"But they're people too!"
"They WERE people! They're infected now! The only way for us to survive is to make it to Whiteicon then we're doomed!"
"What if Whiteicon is already razed? Then what?"
"Do not talk of such things! Whiteicon is still operating!"

The man looked out into the vast wastes and muttered to himself "Whiteicon better be up, or else we're done for"

Do you guys like this premise for a story? It seems like I could continue it somehow :D


  1. I really liked it. I had a sudden urge for watching walking dead! Who doesn't love zombies stories?

  2. Another great story. Keep posting stuff like this if you're writing and want to share more. The writing is excellent.

  3. yeah that is an interesting story and i would be interested in a continuation

  4. yeah, soundl like the start of a good zombie flick! You should write a screenplay.

  5. great story :P
    i really liked it

  6. another great story. Sorry i haven't been around much. going to read what I've missed soon

  7. You should write movies!

  8. AWESOME STORY! continue but in the next part put a black guy with lingual and cultural issues as the driver, a injured doctor who can't do shit as a wounded man in the drivers seat of the truck, he always complains about his broken arm, and he is being slowly infected.

    I think you might even put a dog, who secretly follows the karavan and only the guy with the gun tends to see him every once and a while.

    After a while into the story, lets say 30 kilometers of way passed, the dog gets killed by a zombie walrus or something.

  9. Yea, you're definitely getting better :) Seriously ,keep on doing what you do and store this story!

  10. Very good, it's really easy to visualize