Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beat "Def Jam Vendetta : Fight for New York"

Nostalgia bomb. 2004, tons of underground rappers, and some big ones too. It was actually a pretty damn good fighting game, and had an okay story. I looked up the character list, and pretty much everyone is a real person, which to me is mind-blowing because I thought half of the people were just created as filler. But, me and my friends quickly found the way to beat everyone for forever. Streetfighting + Speed. It whoops everyone's ass in 1 minute flat.

I know this is short, but hey, I need to keep you all updated and stuff, cause I love ya'll :D


  1. Underground rappers are the best.

  2. My favorite rappers are still three six mafia

  3. Oh man, that was the good times. Rap now is just so.. meaningless