Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Beginning of A Long Journey Home"

Santo walked out of his village and headed north. North was hell. Only the bravest of the barbarians would even dare to venture up to the village of Kajet, home of the half-giants, but Santo was ready. To him, it was practically a coming-of-age ritiual, seeing as as he just turned 20 in the month of the moon. He packed his supplies and headed out, unaware of the journey he would soon be taking.

He left his village early in the morning, hoping to get the most out of his day. His backpack was heavy, at least to a normal person it was heavy, but to Santo is was merely a feather on his back. He walked along the river for what seemed like hours, stopping here and there to snack on some berries or to attempt to catch some fish.

That was when he saw "him". As Santo neared a bend in the river, he saw a man in black robes looking over a dead bear. Santo hid behind some trees but continued watching. What Santo saw horrified him. The man in black robes started chanting, and the bones of the bear began to start ripping out of its body. After the bones were out, they reanimated into a skeletal bear of sorts.

Santo yelled "Hey!" to the man in black robes, who looked immediatly at him and sent the skeleton bear at Santo.

Santo pulled out his mace and struck the rushing bear right in the head, cracking the skull. The bear dove, and skidded across the ground, disorientated from the blow. Santo took this opportunity to hit the bear again and again, until the skull was shattered, and the bear ceased moving.

Santo looked at the man, who looked back at him, and the man started clapping.

"Very well done barbarian" said the man in black, "You made quick work of my new minion, too bad he didnt have time to become comfortable, or else you would've probably lost that battle"

"Enough of your words evil mage!" shouted Santo, "I know of your dark magic!"

"You may know of it, but you do not...understand it" hissed the man in black robes.

Santo broke into a rage, running madly at the wizard and swinging his mace with all of his might. Santo missed, but not because the mage dodged it per-se, but because he teleported out of the way of his swing.

"You barbarians are so...predictable" said the man in black as he froze Santo in place

He walked ever so carefully towards him and looked him right in the eye. He removed his hood to reveal a tattoo on his face of a triangle, and a tattoo on his neck that said "Meftan", he had a goatee and a scar on his right cheek, but his bright blue eyes, they pierced into Santo's very soul.

"I see great potential in you barbarian" huffed the wizard, "I shall see you again in the future...but next time, try not to disappoint"

The wizard moved his hands in unconceivable ways, and Santo felt the very fabric of space and time start to rip. He felt his body morph and change, and he was falling. He fell right into a tree right outside of a tiny village and ended up losing consciousness.

He awoke several hours later to someone stabbing him with a stick.

"Stop that!" he yelled as he looked up and saw a little boy

The little boy turned around and ran as fast as he could to the village, and Santo followed. He was stopped by a few guardsmen at the entrance of the village and was asked to state his business.

"I do not know why I am here" was all Santo said.

"Ehh?" said the guard, "Nobody comes this way for no reason mate, by the looks of ya' I'd imagine you'd be one of them mercenary types who came to clear out the dungeon not to far away"

"What...dungeon" said Santo

"The one in the ad" said the guard as he grabbed a note in his pocket, showing it to Santo

"Why would I go there" said Santo plainly

"Well ya' said you dont know why you're here right? Maybe someone there will recognize ya' Idunno, but ya aint gettin in here until you can prove you aint gonna cause a mess, had too many brutes wonder in here and get drunk and piss off the locals" said the guardsman.

Santo sighed, then said "If I clear out the dungeon, will you let me in the village?"

"Sure thing champ" said the guard

"Then I shall return soon" said Santo as he walked off towards the dungeon.

He arrived at the camp and saw at least 10 guards, a witch, and other men of various nature and races.

"What did I get into..." sighed Santo as he walked into the camp, knowing that this wasnt going to be simple.

Thats all for right now.

That was actually the backstory for my character for Dungeons and Dragons, and I'll continue the story of Santo and other people tomorrow, until then though, hoped you liked the read! :D


  1. Good text. lease light it up to make it more fluid.

  2. Sounds like a rpg scenario allright!

    You write in a lot of diferent subjects, I like that. It shows you have a lot of creativity.

    Perhaps someday I'll do art from one of your stories, ha.

  3. That would be fucking awesome Dalf! I got the perfect story from one of our sessions that I'm sure you could make amazing!