Thursday, August 18, 2011

Started playing "Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2" again

Since my hard drive is at my friends I've resurrected the PS2 and found the gem DBZ Budokai 2. I always loved the chess piece-like game board where you move around and battle who you want when you want. But, of course, my nostalgia goggles got in the way of the gameplay. While its always cool to relive your DBZ cartoon days, I now realize that everyone plays exactly the same. PPPPE is their special, PKG is to power up, the same combos are on every character.

But I mean hey, I was like 10 when I got this game, so I didnt know any better :P


  1. never played this game, but I hear it's pretty cool.

  2. Some games are better left in our memories. :D