Monday, August 29, 2011

"Maybe next time, just maybe"

He looked into his mirror silently in the dim lit bathroom. The dura-steel floors were cold to the touch, and he didnt have anything on his feet. He walked to his room and opened the drawer.

"What do I want to wear today..?" he mumbled to himself

"Maybe...this?" He said as he picked up a green jacket "Orrrrr, maybe THIS" he spoke as he lifted up a nice black vest into the air.

It didn't really matter what he wore, and he damn well knew it. But still, he liked to believe he had SOME choice left in his appearence, to believe he had some sort of freedom.

He waited in his room for well over an hour, anxious as to when he'd be called up.

Even after he'd done this at least a dozen times, he still got butterflies in his stomach every time someone came and knocked on his door, or called his phone. It started out as a hobby, a hobby he actually stumbled upon when he was just a broke bum living on the side of back alleys.

He wasnt very talented at first, but he quickly became skilled at his craft, which is why he was paid handsomely for his work, and applauded for his workmanship. But as each check got bigger, the tasks got harder.

He was beaten, bloodied, and bruised by the end of last weeks job. He made a full recovery, but it still made him hesitate answering whether or not he would go to work next week.

As he thought about his past jobs, there was a knock on his door. His heart literally skipped a beat as he raced towards the door.

He pounced on the little scope that let him see who was knocking and asked "Who is it?" is his scraggly voice.

"Are you Mr. Valorn? I'm Edgar Bard wi-"

Valorn pushed the door open and it hit Edgar, stopping him mid-sentence.

"I know who you're with! Let's get on with it!" screeched Valorn

"Well, err...Mr. Valorn, its pretty straight forward" said Edgar as they both walked down the hallway

"It's never straightforward" huffed Valorn, "What are his weaknesses? Strengths? Tell me boy!"

"Well, err, sir, it seems like he..he has no weaknesses" squeaked Edgar

"Well I guess I'll just have to blast some "weaknessess" in him myself"

As he said that, he punched the wall on his left side, and part of the hallway opened up, revealing stairs going down.

"Follow me Mr. Bard" said Valorn as he stode down the stairs.

They walked down at least one flight of stairs and then reached the hidden bunker. As they reached the bottom they saw it. A huge glass case around an elegantly crafted suit of armor. Blue streaks ran down the sides, and on the forearms of the wearer.

"Help me put it on Mr. Bard" said Valorn calmly as he punched a key-combonation into the lock on the case.

The case opened with a satisfying hiss, and the aroma of shiny metal being powered by a blue energy crystal was mezmorizing. Edgar helped Valorn into the armor, which gave the man an intimidatingly awesome look.

"It's time to go Mr. Bard" Valorn said though his helmet as he picked up a rifle.

"Yes sir, Mr. Valorn" said Edgar Bard as he punched in a code into his wristwatch.

Both he, and Valorn were teleported into a room with only one door.

Valorn looked over to Edgar and said "I thank you for helping me get on my armor, Mr Bard"

"Er...Anytime sir" squealed Edgar as he ran off, and seemingly floated up into the ceiling.

Valorn took a few steps toward the door. He hesitated for a second, it seemed like he was listening for something, like he expected something.

Suddenly, a fist blasted though the wall behind Valorn and he hopped out of the way just in time, for the hand kept coming and smacked the opposite wall. The fist hit the wall with a satisfying thump, and it quickly got reeled back into its wielder's hand

"I ASK FOR AN ENEMY AND THEY GIVE ME A LITTLE MAN?" shouted the mechanic warrior.

"You got more than an enemy here, friend" said Valorn as he lifted up his rifle and started blasting away.

The bullets just bounced off of the creatures chest, harmlessly hitting the ground and skipping along as they went.

"IT IS NO USE PUNY MAN" shouted the machine.

Valorn was cornerned as the warrior kept advancing. Valorn quickly ducked and rolled underneath the machine and slapped a grenade to the underside of both of the bots legs. With a satifsying explosion the bots legs blew off, and it resembled a daddy long legs that had its own legs removed, it was just a shaking ball of metal.

Valorn walked up to it and shot the energy core in its back. He was then teleported back to his room.

"Thats 14 battles" he said to himself as he sat in his chair, "14 battles and they still wont let me out"

He started drifting off into sleep.

"Maybe one day they'll let me out" he said to himself, "Maybe they'll let me keep this money and let me leave this place"

"Maybe" he said as he drifted off to sleep, "Maybe I'll be free"

What do you guys think?

I think it sucks cock personally. Shit story, shit ending.

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  1. eh..i liked the last story better