Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Secrets and Those Who Keep Them"

He walked into the bar on the space station. It was a small rig, but it'd do. He just got done wrapping up some business in the Golart system and he needed a couple drinks, just to let himself unwind from all the stress.

He walked up to the bar, pulled up a stool, and said to the barkeep "Grab me the strongest drink you got"

A man sitting on his left motioned over and said "You sure you can handle the strongest they got? I've heard its caused people twice your size to go blind in 2 shots"

"I'll be fine" said the man as the bartender pulled up a shot-glass and poured some strange yellow liquid into it.

"That'll be 4 and a half credits sir" said the bartender.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a 100 credit slab and slapped in on the table, "Keep the rest as a tip" was all the man said.

The man who advised him to not drink the strongest the bar had walked over and pulled up a chair.

"Whats your story man?" said the fellow, "Nobody rolls in here tipping that big unless they're either rich, or dying"

"Well friend, I am neither" said the man, "I tend to just, be generous when need be"

"Respectable man, respectable. So whats your name guy?"

"My name is Tyler Ponten" said the man.

"Well, my name's Leif, Leif Valk" said the fellow next to him.

"So son, what makes you come up to a guy like me and try to start a conversation?" said Tyler coldly.

"I'm just friendly I guess!" said Leif.

"Well, Mr. Valk, I am in the mood to open myself up to someone, because, quite frankly, I havent had a..err.. Heart to heart with anyone in a long, long time" said Tyler.

"I'm all ears" said Leif

"So it all began in 2344 when I was born on a ranch not too far from here, out on the Olfan belt." said Tyler, "I was a rascal, hah, I would always pick pockets in the market and steal cattle and such, but it was a fun life, I really enjoyed it"

"Well, did you ever get caught?" asked Leif

"Many times!" laughed Tyler, "One time I got caught on the Saltom's ranch, and oooooooh we did he beat me good! He bloodied me up so bad that I came back a few nights later and killed him! Killed his wholeeeee family"

"That's...uh...wow" said Leif

"Yup. I had to go into hiding after that. Ended up sailing out of the Olfan belt, into the Fadren cluster where I was pretty much a gun-for-hire" said Tyler "That...now that was some nasty business. I killed at least 14 people, men mostly, but I accidentally crushed this one kid, really felt bad for the fella, but there was nothin I could do for him, seein' as I was escaping from the guards at that point, so I couldnt even look back, or else I would've been dead too!"

Leif tried to get out of his chair, but Tyler pulled him down and said "You best not get out of your seat son, if you know whats best for ya'"

Leif reluctantly sat down and continued listening to Tyler's stories.

"Where was I?" questioned Tyler, "Oh yes! I left that planet fast, hah, fast as fast can be. Ended up goin to a little asteroid where a farm was, ended up killin' the folks there too. Seemed like I got addicted to the killin', it was the only way I could make money"

Leif looked at Tyler's face, which still had a smile on it.

"Then I traveled around, eventually did enough jobs to buy a craft, and now I'm here at this bar talking to you!" said Tyler, and he continuted by saying "Well Mr. Valk, now that I told you all of this, I trust you with my entire life story, or at least the bits I did tell you about"

"Yes...yessir" said Leif, who was practically shaking.

"Now, you better not tell anyone ya hear?" said Tyler

"I won't tell a soul Mister! I swear!" squeaked Leif

"Good" said Tyler, "And I dont intend to let you tell a soul either" he said as he pulled out a pistol and shot Leif Valk dead at the bar.

As he started walking out of the bar he looked at the bartender and said "Three men will keep a secret when the other two are dead" as he shot the barkeep dead on the spot.

He walked to his ship and he mumbled to himself, "That Leif kid was real nice" as he shut the cockpit to his vehicle and sped off.


  1. I like this one a lot. Love the ending. LOL

  2. I feel like I'm in an alternate universe reading this. Credits instead of dollars?!?

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  4. Oh I like this story :) Reminds me a bit of mass effect. The party planet in Mass Effect 2 namely.

  5. Hah. Crazy bastard.
    Some of the dialogue wasn0t as strong as in your other works, but the story itself is very short and to the point.