Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Into the deep dark"

This is a continuation of "The Beginning of a Long Journey Home"

Santo strode up to a group of guardsmen and asked where the leader of the group was, and the guardsmen pointed him to an elaborate tent over in the corner of the field. Santo walked there, and looked to his left, only to see a ditch with about 5-6 corpses in it, all presumably adventurers who also tried to secure the dungeon and failed.

He walked up to the leader, a small man, at least to Santo, and said "Are you the leader of this camp?"

"Yes I am"

"What needs to be done"

"I am willing to pay anyone a substantial amount of gold if they can clear this dungeon and secure a definite safe route to its treasure room"

"How do you know that it has treasure in it?"

"Well, this is an old fortress you see, and similar ones have been found in the past, all holding large amounts of rare items"

"How do you know it has not been looted?"

"Because immediatly upon entering, skeleton guards attack"

"Very well"

Santo then walked off to grab a drink from a merchant in the camp. After he grabbed a waterskin, he saw a few men around the camp. One man had a patch over his eye and a shortsword, another had on a funny looking spiked helmet, but one caught Santo's eye; a man with a black set of armor who looked rather intimidating. Santo walked up to the man and asked for his name.

"You do not seem like these other mercenaries" said Santo, "You dont look...pathetic"

"I'll take that as a compliment, but you'd best hold your tongue next time" said the man

"Ha! We have a mouth on this one!" said Santo, "Look over there" as Santo pointed to the ditch, "That is our fate if we go in alone, would you like to join me? We shall split the gold reward"

"A modest proposal, I...accept." said the man, "And my name is Kyras"

"I am Santo"

"Well, let me finish preparing, then we can head inside" said Kyras as he walked away

Santo sat down by some trees and dozed off, only to be awoken by Kyras kicking his leg.

"Wake up Santo, I found more adventurers" said Kyras

"Why did you grab more adve-" said Santo before he was cut off.

"I want to live through this, and the more people we hav, the better off we are" said Kyras, then he pointed to a small female dwarf  "This is Lady Amile", then to elven monk "This is Allen Pryce" and finally to a man with a boot on his head "This is...boothead..."

"Why do you have a boot on your head?"

"Because my name is boothead...or maybe because I have a boot on my head, my name is boothead, I forget which entirely" said Boothead

"Err...alrightttttt" said Santo

"Are we all ready?" said Allen

"We should probably seek out a mage for counseling" said Kyras, who looked over his shoulder to a witch with a cauldron.

"I shall do speak to her!" said boothead as he ran off to talk to the witch

Boothead introduced himself as he usually did, "Hello! I am boothead, wearer of shoes!"

"I am Momaya" said the witch plainly, disregarding Bootheads stupidity

"What advice can you give to us, oh wise Momaya?" Said Boothead

"Well, all I know it that the skeletons, are somehow controlled" said the witch

"Well then! I shall be on my way!" yelled Boothead as he happily strode back to the group.

"What did she say?" asked Kyras

"The skelly's are being controlled by something!" said Boothead as he started walking to the entrance

"Well, we might as well get going" said Santo as everyone walked into the mouth of the dungeon.

It was unbelievably dark in the cave, but luckily most of the party had low-light vision, except Santo, who was blind as a bat.

"I cannot see my own hands! said Santo

Allen Pryce looked through his bag and pulled out a little necklace and said "This will cast light, just dont drop it"

Santo took the necklace and instantly the cave lit up so he could see.

Allen had taken off his monk robes and put on a set of leather armor decorated with knives and dagger.

"You are no monk!" yelled Santo

"You are quick to catch on my friend!" said Allen, "I am a rogue, thief, pickpocket, whatever you may like to call me"

"Just do not attempt to thieve from me if you would like to live" said Santo.

The party continued down the caven until they reached a solid stone floor, elegantly crafted with elaborate designs in the stonework. They saw a door on their right, which Santo tried to open, but it was locked.

"Its locked?" said Allen, "This is my type of j-" was all he could say before Santo broke the door down with his mace.

"I have no need for your lock picks when I have my weapon in hand" said Santo.

They looked into the room and quickly searched it, finding nothing of value, they continued down the hallway. They saw a giant door on their right, which Santo immediately tried to bash in, but to no avail.

"Typical brute..." mumbled Allen.

Off in the distance they heard a shuffling of bone on stone.

"Ready your weapons!" shouted Kyras

Everyone drew their weapons, with the exception of Boothead, who readied his mind for a skull-crushing force kick attack. A single skeleton appeared out of the shadows, its gaping jaw wide open as it dragged its crude weapon, a rusty scimitar. Santo rushed the skeleton and smacked its shield with his mace, denting it. Kyras then slashed at the skeleton, cutting off its left arm, which was holding the shield. Next, Allen threw a dagger, which missed completely. Finally, Boothead let out a psyonic kick that shattered the damaged skeleton.

Santo searched the remains and found a necklace, which he stashed in his pocket. The group continued along the hallway, trying to open any and every door they came across.

Upon opening a door, they peeked inside to see eight skeletons patrolling an area. They all turned around, silently closed the door, and set a trap that would alert the party if the skeletons left the room.

They continued along the corridor until Allen told the party to stop.

"I see something ahead" said Allen as he readied his dagger.

Up ahead there was a skeleton that was facing away from the party, unmoving. Allen started sneaking up on the skeleton, which was still not moving. He got literally a foot away from the skeleton when suddenly its head quickly twisted and locked onto Allen, which surprised even him, and the skeleton made a quick slash with his sword, cutting Allen's stomach. Allen slurched back in pain as Santo ran up on the skeleton and knocked its head off in a fit of rage.

"It was a sentienal" said Amile

"I noticed" cried Allen in pain

"I got it, I got it" said Amile as she touched the stomach wound and it magically sealed itself up.

The party continued down the hallway (It was very long) and eventually came to a set of stairs leading down.

"I shall lead" said Santo proudly, as the party descended to the 2nd floor.




  1. hahah! felt like I was there playing D&D with you guys!

  2. nice post and your dialog is much improved in this post

  3. I liked it, again! Your dialogue flows pretty well, as always. You could try to write scripts, 99% of scriptwritrs know absolutely nothing about dialogue.