Friday, September 16, 2011

"I need it bad!"

Brad texted Tyler "I need it bad doooooood"

Tyler replied quickly "I got your damn charger, I'm on my way"

So, as usual, Brad went to his computer and started his routine, checking facebook, email, that whole thing, when suddenly he heard the opening of his back screen door.

He rushed up to the door and quickly swung it open while saying "Man! I've been waiting for you for fo-" he stopped short as he heard the gun pointed at his face click.

A grizzly old man walked over Brad's body, looking around the house for valuables, and mumbled to himself "I guess he really did want it that bad"

I realize that this story was short as fuck, but it came into my mind after my friend wouldn't shut the fuck up about getting his charger, and wondered what would happen if he opened the door and it wasnt me standing at the other side.


  1. When i read grizzly i had the hope of reading "bear" after it. Sadly i didn't.
    I guess i like it less than i should considering my home was burglarized like a week ago. They "only" took a bunch of cash and 2 iphones but they menaced my mom with a knife. So yeah, it sucked.

  2. Holy fuck Plumber, that sucks! D:

  3. short stories like this are always fun.
    that bear was just doing what bears do...considering they are all godless killing machines.

  4. Doesn't matter if it was short, short stories are fun and good writing excercise as well.

  5. Short stories are good, nice and interesting and don't drag on for too long so don't apologise. Sorry to hear that too Plumber. :(

  6. More stories about bears, raccoons and turtles.

  7. Thats why I always check to see who's at the door before I open it.

  8. Interesting story. Some people really have gotten addicted to their phones that badly...