Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Secrets of the World"

Jimmy just sort of blanked out during his Economics class. He had enough sleep the night before, he eat a good breakfast, but he just sort of...passed out. He slept through the entire 2 1/2 hour lecture too, and he only woke when someone smacked his desk with a heavy book.

"Wake up Mr. Pondnie" said the professor

"Huh? Wha-"

"You slept through my entire lecture today, and missed the assignment"

"Well, could you uh...tell me the assignment Mr. Atkins?"

Mr. Atkins sighed, and walked to his desk area, "Follow me Mr. Pondie" was all he said.

Jimmy followed him and stood behind him as he opened his desk.

"Do you wish to know everything?"

Jimmy looked at his professor confusedly "What?"

"I can show you how everything in this world works, what everyone has ever done, everything that ever will be, do you wish to know?"

"Uh.." Jimmy puttered off, "Yeah! I do want to know!"

Mr. Atkins pulled up a key, a shiny metal key. Simple really, like one that you use to open an old cellar door. He pointed it at Jimmy and acted like he shot Jimmy with the key. Jimmy instantly fell to the ground, clutching his head at his ears, writhing in pain. After awhile Jimmy stopped grabbing his head and stood straight up.

"I know...everything" he said calmly

"Everything there ever was, and everything there shall ever be Mr. Pondie"

"How do you...manage this?"

"I do not, I only know that this unlocks the inner sanctum of your mind, revealing everything about anything ever, I dare not tempt myself with this power, but you, you seem like you could put it to good use"

Jimmy looked at his palms, everything turned into a blur, he looked at Mr. Atkins, who pulled his fist back, and then promptly punched Jimmy in the face. Jimmy fell hard, and was knocked out cold.

Jimmy woke up after a heavy book hit his desk.

"Sleeping in my class again Mr. Pondie?" asked Mr. Atkins

Jimmy moved up and looked at his professor with weary eyes.

"Have fun out there" was all Mr. Atkins said as he walked back to his desk.

Jimmy walked out of the class and everything began to...unravel. He looked out and he knew what he needed to do.

"This power.." Jimmy said, "I know what I must do."


  1. Bathe in the blood of virgins? is that what he had to do?

  2. Awesome blog yourself buddy. Following for more like this. At least you learned something interesting in Economics class! I hated economics.

  3. I loved economic class mainly because it made me lots of gold it warcraft when I understood basic economic theory

  4. Knowing everything... that's a scary thought man.

  5. I once had an idea similar to this for a comic book... but I like yours a lot, as well!

    Great minds think alike, hahaha.

  6. i never took an economics class but i would imagine it would put me to sleep as well.

  7. Considering i will get my degree in economy this year, i cant really relate but besides that, i liked the story

  8. I'd like to take a bath with virgin blood. :P

  9. I know everything about pipes, which is pretty much the same thing. I really really liked it, short and gets straight to the point

  10. A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!