Wednesday, September 21, 2011


He took aim, looked down his sights, and fired a single shot. His shoulder absorbed the recoil, and he smiled at the aftermath of his bullets trail. He pulled up his radio and whispered into it "Zulos is down"

"Copy that Alpha" said the operator on the other line.

Alpha looked out onto the complex. He saw masked figures running around inside from the window that he had just shattered. He liked the look of hopelessness as they scrambled about aimlessly, trying to locate him. Alpha was lying down on his stomach, then he looked to his right and saw 2 M-77 Velico planes coming toward the complex.

"Those guys are totally fucked" whispered Alpha as his eyes widened.

The 2 M-77's dropped bombs right onto the complex, completely obliterating it.

Alpha looked out onto the building, which was on fire, as was everything around the building.

He said to himself "Kinda makes me feel like my job is useless, but hey, its pay and practice"

He watched the embers burn for an hour or two, then the chopper came and picked him up. Alpha had a cross look on his face since the chopper usually didnt take that long to pick him up from small-time missions like this. As he stepped onto the chopper he was met with the gaudy face of Lieutenant Mersereau.

"We have another assignment for you" said Lt. Mersereau sternly
"Oh yeah sir?" replied Alpha
"Yes, and it'll redoubtably be your biggest assignment yet"
"Tell me about it then, sir"
"You are to assassinate this man" said Lt. Mersereau as he handed Alpha a few pictures.
"You can easily see him from this location" Lt. Mersereau said as he pulled out a map, "He'll be giving a speech at the Moore tonight, so I want you to take him out"
"Will do sir" said Alpha

They made it into the city, and dropped off Alpha at the spot he was told about.

"Everyone will know this day Alpha, don't fuck up" said Lt. Mersereau as the chopper left Alpha on the building.

"Everyone knows everyday I kill someone..." said Alpha as he propped up his rifle onto the ledge.

Alpha looked out and saw the man giving the speech at the Moore. He lowered his heart rate and cut his breathing. He looked down his scope and readied his aim. He took one, clean shot at the man.

The shot sailed downwards, but still managed to strike the man in his lower back, effectively killing him.

"Target is down" radioed Alpha

"You've just killed the President" said the operator, "Welcome to the Revolution"


  1. That was fucking great. I felt like i was in the story. I could picture it perfectly. Nice job sir, as always.

  2. Your getting better at this! writing a lot makes your voice better and more tuned I really enjoyed this piece keep them coming

  3. Absolutely well written. I love the cameos the best. :D

  4. Very nice. Loved the end bit.

  5. Sounds like a nice prologue to a bigger story!

  6. I enjoyed this, you should really keep it up, I feel like this is quality!

  7. Totally agree with Dalf. :D

  8. Great story buddy. Your writing skills are great, honestly.

  9. greaaat read

    "You've just killed the President" said the operator, "Welcome to the Revolution"


  10. It's like a really cool action movie! :) Not one of the crappy ones, but one that's actually good.