Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Below the 1st Floor"

CONTINUED FROM "Into the Deep Dark"

As they descended into the lower levels of the caverns, the party was looking at two tunnels, one to their left, and one to their right.

"I'll take the left with Amiele and Kyras" said Santo

"And I shall take the right with Boothead" said Allan

Santo strode carefully left, as the saw several doors on their left and right. They tried to open them all, but to no avail. 

"The doors are too thick to break through" said Santo as he tried to beat down a door with his mace.

"Let's just continue onward" Kyras said.

They continued down the hallway until it opened out into a large room. At the end of this room a giant golem statue was blocking the way down.

"SPEAK THE PASSWORD" was all the creature said.

Santo looked over to Amiele and Kyras and whispered "Password? What the hell kind of a password could this golem want?"

Suddenly, the giant golem's eyes flashed, and the necklaces that warded the skeletons dissolved on the parties necks. 

"Let's get out of here!" yelled Amiele as all three of them raced back the way they came.

They came back to the staircase and decided to go to the right tunnel this time.

Eventually they came to another section of doors, and Santo immediately threw himself, and his mace, into the door.

The door was rotting away, so Santo flew into the room, and almost fell into a giant hole in the ground. Kyras luckily caught Santo before he could fall into the pit.

"Whats down there?" asked Santo

"Let's find out" said Kyras as he tossed his torch down.

After about 15 or so feet they saw a stream, and the torch went out after hitting the water.

"Looks like we're swimming" said Santo.

"You can swim, I'll keep watch" said Kyras.

"Suit yourself" said Santo as he descended on a grappling hook into the water below.

Santo and Amiele swam down the little stream until in emptied into a grate, at which point they could stand. A jewel encrusted door was slightly behind a fenced in area with a huge lock on a gate. 

Santo immediately started banging on the lock, which was smashed almost effortlessly.

Two stone guards turned toward Santo and Amiele, who quickly readied themselves for combat.

Santo went into a blind rage and blew off one of the guards' stone heads, while Amiele merely chipped part of the stonework off. The other stone guard swung at Amiele and clipped her in her chest, then Santo retaliated by hitting the statue so hard that it toppled over, crumbling.

Their eyes lit up as they saw the jeweled door, and they both raced to it with a knife in hand to pry out all of the precious stones.

About halfway through the jewels, they heard a small creature yelp, but they didnt pay any mind to it, for it was a small creature, about the size of a cat.

Their hearts sank as they heard six statues heavy bases coming down the stairs in a rythemic fashion. Santo pushed open the door to see a mighty treasure room adorned by coins, valuables, and armor.

Amiele yelled at Santo "We spent fifteen minutes prying out the gems of a treasure rooms door!?"

"It appears so" said Santo.

Both raced into the treasure room, searching frantically for a place to hide....



  1. I liked it. I got really into the story. I will go read "into the deep dark" to get a little context and then probably read this one again.

  2. Had to go back and read the start. Great stuff so far.

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  11. you forgot to mention the acid pit fiasco... or should i say "Amiele forgetting how oil, fire, and water DO NOT MIX"