Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Ice Golem"

Frixx looked up at the mountain with an unsure face.

"It looks quite...big...and cold." said Frixx as he pulled his robe closer to himself.

He had traveled over a week to get to the mountain, and that was through at least 2 entirely hostile regions. First was the Jalmangor, home of the half-giants, and second was Vatryn, home of the Nomadic Ken-sha. Both were extremely deadly when encountered alone outside of their homes, but in their homeland? It takes quite a bit of magic to get through there safe, but Frixx managed to do it.

Frixx started the trek up the mountain, which was unbelievably steep, but it didnt matter to Frixx. All he had to do was smack his boots with his staff and he could get a grip on any stone, no matter how steep.

He climbed up for a good hour or two before he decided to take a break. He took off his backpack and pulled out a few pieces of bread.

"This sure is tiring..."Frixx mumbled as he looked at his feet, which were sore, even with the help of magic to ease the pain. He ended up dozing off for an hour or so, and was rather rudely awakened by a man with a balaclava over his mouth.

"Get up" said the man

"Okay! Okay!" said Frixx, "What do you want?"

"Gimme all of your valuables, or else I'll throw you off of my mountain"

"I really advise you just leave, and forget I ever was here"

"Oi! I am the one makin' the offers here"

"This is your last chance friend..." said Frixx

"HA, I'm not gonna let some little punk demand that I lea-"

The bandit was cut off as Frixx moved his hand toward the man slightly, and the man dropped.

Frixx walked over to the man and looked into his eyes, the only part of the bandits body that could move, and said to him "I'm awfully sorry I have to do this, but I did warn you"

Frixx touched the bandits chest and ripped off his shirt. He made a gesture as if he was grabbing something from the bandit's chest, and a pale haze of smoke erupted from the bandit's heart. Frixx grabbed it, pulled it in, and then absorbed it into his own body.

"I told you..." Frixx said as he started to trek up the mountain again "I told you to just leave"

After a few hours Frixx made it to the top of the mountain. A throne sat atop the summit with a large warrior encased in ice sitting in it. Frixx took off his robe to unveil a machine-like chest cavity filled with cogs and gears. He twisted a knob and he started emitting a long, pale smoke trail. He grabbed his staff and stuck it into the ground and twisted it, the ice began to crack, and the warrior burst out of the ice, and stood up, back straight.

"Impressive" said Frixx.

The pale haze touched the warrior, and it's eyes lit up with a red hue.

Frixx fell on the ground as the last of the smoke left his chest.

The warrior started moving, and then said "This body...." as he started to descend the mountain, "It is mine"


  1. Is this another story taken from a night of game play? it seems like it.
    but yeah, I like it. I want to play a game of D&D with you crazy cats sometime.

  2. I love fantasy stories like these :)

    One thing: Somewhere you said: 'home of the nomad-like people...' or something. Nomads don't have homes.

  3. Love a good fantasy story keep em coming

  4. did enjoy it a lot! You're alowed to continue :)

  5. Pieter, thanks for pointing that out! I'll probably revise it to something of rumors, like "Where the nomad-like ____ are said to roam" :D

  6. Love it! Great blog - awesome design! Followed!